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Still do not bother with regular calls like other brokers with whom he worked before. Perhaps for me these are the most important advantages of them. Leave a comment 5 5 0 Sam Well, the most important thing for me is that the earned amount can be taken out without any problems. I like working with him. Leave a comment 3 5 0 Tomas One fine moment you will enter your personal account, and there will be 0!

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Themselves will withdraw and leave nothing. Leave a comment 0 5 0 Tipsy I hoped so, that found a normal company. Paul years I poured out the deposits in general complication to the amount of dollars, did not turn out to begin to work, but claims no, because guilt was my.

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But then I succeeded from dollars to do and I ordered the conclusion of трейдинг на финансовых рынках с npbfx отзывы. I open by the morning of February, 16 terminal and I see, that I have 50 dollars, it turns out in the personal cabinet, that facilities were sent on pay essential elements, but not my. I write in support, ask to report a purse money went away on that number to me, in reply my account is blocked and write, that I need to change accesses in to the cabinet and account.

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I change, write to them again, but an answer is I so not got more, where my money went and why an account was not deblocked me I can not understand. Leave a comment 5 5 0 Andrew I do like trading conditions and fixed spreads. Leave a comment 5 5 0 Kenedy Faded with the constant slippage of the past broker.

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How not to enter the news so forever popandos. Where the profit was going to take me there just opens. It turned out that there are normal. Who can open even almost without expanding the spread!

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After a couple of entrances, I exhaled. Tried on different tools to open and all the rules. What is also remarkable is their good liquidity in all instruments.

Well, at least that I have already tried. Even on many crosses. Трейдинг на финансовых рынках с npbfx отзывы a comment 5 5 0 Alex The list is not very big yet, but I think you can already try to work with them.

Leave a comment 5 5 0 Melany My EA works perfect with them and I have never had any issues with withdrawal.

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Leave a comment 3 5 0 Bob While I was trading in a minus, everything was fine, but as soon as I started to go positive, there was a bummer. One day, the money from the account just disappeared. In your account indicated the output on Yandex money.

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I myself did not make this conclusion. After contacting those. Further attempts to contact the broker were unsuccessful.

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Result: loss of personal funds in the amount of rubles. Leave a comment 3 5 0 Tim I think it is a good company with a lot of good services for all categories of traders Leave a comment 3 5 0 Мax I connected to the Zulu Trade service and copy trades of two traders.

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The platform is convenient, you can set the level of risk, trade comfortably. Broker gives to trade Leave a comment 3 5 0 Lily The fixed spreads and trading conditions suit me.

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