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Автор и идея создания книги Автор нескольких книг о психологии в трейдинге М. Марк Дуглас на протяжении многих лет управлял маленькой страховой компанией, но неожиданно захотел попробовать собственные силы в трейдинге. Вполне логично, что в первый год торговли он постоянно терпел неудачи. Именно долгосрочное отсутствие прибыли и стало толчком для изучения психологии трейдера.

Услуги кредитного брокера The best books on psychology of the trading In this section of the library, intended for the trader, you can get acquainted with the literature that will tell you about the psychological features of work in the exchange markets. Most of the brokers and specialists in this field believe that psychological preparation, which is related to the ability to manage oneself and the ability to maintain an excerpt, is one of the most important skills for traders.

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At the very beginning of work in the financial market, not all traders are distinguished by calmness and discretion. But, fortunately, the ability to control yourself can be developed, like other skills. In the books of authors who studied the первый тур брокер в смоленске of trading, you can find many useful recommendations that will help to achieve positive results in the process of working as a trader.

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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas This is one of the few books by Mark Douglas that should become a reference book for everyone who plans to get acquainted with trading in financial markets. Thanks to this book, you can understand the importance of the psychological state of a person who plans to earn by trading.

Here there are many examples, but the book is not full of professional terms and is written in plain language. Trading in the Zone book provides a comprehensive assessment of the difficulties that can arise in the novices of the world of exchange speculation. The author of the book Mark Douglas proposes to apply a psychological approach in order to achieve stable results.

Thanks to зональный трейдинг марк дуглас слушать book, you can get to know and use in practice the thinking of a successful trader.

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In order to solve this problem, various methods and approaches have been developed. Some of the players in зональный трейдинг марк дуглас слушать financial market use methods of analyzing price behavior, we are talking about technical analysis, others are in search of undervalued assets — a fundamental analysis.

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There are also those who try to combine these methods. In this book, The Psychology of Finance by Lars Tvede, the influence of this factor on price changes in the stock market is considered.

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The author, Mark Douglas, first of all, relies on his insight, which was acquired in the course of trading in various markets, he tells why the concepts used to achieve success in society in the market very often turn into barriers. After зональный трейдинг марк дуглас слушать the concept of defeatism, the author prepares readers for the general cleaning of their inner world, with the disposal of traditional thinking and bogged concepts.

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Thanks to the book, The Disciplined Trader, you can work on the development and use of approaches and tactics that allow you to overcome the psychological barriers that hinder the achievement of success in the financial markets. The novels have collected the most interesting and discussed articles with practical examples and additional tips.

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Reading Novell about the psychology of trading will be useful both for beginners and for exchange professionals, since the collection includes a wide variety of problems, their consequences and ways to effectively solve it.

The book Mean Markets and Lizard Brains tells you what to rely on in the process of buying shares, real estate, зональный трейдинг марк дуглас слушать or gold. The author Terry Burnham considers irrational reasons for various behavioral features of a person in any financial situation. At the same time, you can look at the financial market from the other side.

The author of the book Terry Burnham is a professor of economics and a specialist with vast experience who understands matters relating to financial peace. For a long time he studied the influence of the biological component in a person on his behavior and life in a modern society.

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Therefore, we should consider the psychology of markets and try to understand the existing factors that are ignored by most experts or not considered in sufficient detail. Among these factors are: fear, зональный трейдинг марк дуглас слушать, need to feel security, information overload, pressure exerted by others, fear of mathematics, excessive optimism, denial of aggregate factors, confusion in determining their goals, competitiveness, misperceptions of technological change.

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In the book you can get acquainted with tests that will allow traders to determine the level of their financial abilities and skills. Sometimes it is very important to determine and understand your psychological attitude to the investment process.

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In addition to providing modern, scientific knowledge about psychology, this book provides a mirror into the mind and wide breadth of knowledge of one of the leading practitioners of brief and effectual cures. Will help to cure your trading and your life. Not only has Steenbarger provided some fantastic tools for the trader to transform his mindset, but he has contributed unique trading ideas as well.